About us


The Company:

Mr. Plastics, Inc. is a plastic and food packaging direct import wholesale company. Our Corporate office is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We built on a solid foundation of quality vendors to serve our customers. We have seven manufacturers in China and several suppliers in the United States as well as other countries. We distribute our products and provide our service throughout the Southeastern United States.

Our plastic packaging products include different sizes of shopping bags, poly bags, produce bags, can liners, plastic cutlery, pallet wraps and tapes, and other assorted items. Our food packaging products include meat trays, meat pads, meat films and steak paper, containers, butcher paper, aluminum trays, carryout foam containers and foam cups, and other items.


Mission Statement:

Mr. Plastics, Inc. was founded with a sense of values, delivering both quality products and service with competitive pricing. These values have helped Mr. Plastics grow to the company it is today. As it looks to the future, Mr. Plastics, Inc. is focused on increasing productivity, enhancing customer service and exploring new business opportunities. Our Mission Statement is the cornerstone of our values, which we strive to live up to every day: ?Value long-term relationships with our suppliers and our customers.?

We provide products based on each customer's needs. Right now our main customers are grocery, food service and supermarkets.

We have been open since 2004 and expanded our operations to include a site in New York in 2007!

We provide the best service and fast delivery. Wholesale delivery is free throughout the continental United States. Our retail deliveries are free to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi and New York.